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Born on May 23 1939, Michel Colombier began his formal musical education at the age of six. His father taught him piano, harmony, counterpoint and conducting. By eleven he started to improvise and at fourteen he discovered jazz and performed with small combos and big bands for which he wrote daring jazz arrangements. In the meantime, his father continued his education by adding the study of church organ and Gregorian chant. During his stint in the French Army he continued composing, arranging and playing the widest range of music from chamber orchestra to jazz band.

At the age of 22, he spent one year with French avant-garde composer Michel Magne and was hired as Musical Director of 'Barclay Records.' His first assignment was to arrange Charles Aznavour's first album in English, produced by Quincy Jones, for release in the United States.

A few years later, he revolutionized the advertising world, introducing sounds and concepts never used before. Some of his jingles are still played today.    >>