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VHS [NTSC format] & Book set
Time Duration: 96:33 mins
Price: US $ 49.95

MICHEL COLOMBIER presents "The World of Music" ~ The Piano: Vol. 1"
VHS [NTSC format] & Book [72-page] set,
Time Duration: 96:33 mins
Price: US $ 49.95

The concept of this series is based on my father’s teachings as well as my own observations throughout my life in music.

Destiny has taken me from the world of classical music to jazz, rock, pop, avant-garde, electronic and electro-acoustic, film scoring, song writing, stage music, ballet and opera. That has led to communicate to and/or work with great artists from all horizons, such as Miles Davis, Georges Delerue, Gil Evans, Henri Dutilleux, Ray Bradbury, Jaco Pastorius, Pierre Henry, Ennio Moricone, Folon, Pierre Boulez, Wayne Shorter, Twyla Tharp, Esa-Pekka Salonen Mikhail Baryshnikov and Thomas Newman, amongst others. During the making of this educational video I have received great support and encouragement from two professors at the University of Southern California: Dr. Livingston, Dean of Music and Dr. Useler, head of the pedagogy department.

The understanding of music, its origin in the heart, the way to convey it from the heart to the instrument, and the necessity to become one with the instrument, all need to be instilled from the very beginning of the musical studies, regardless of the student’s age.

Music education needs to first address the essential: which is music (musicality, sensibility, emotion) with the support of technique, practicality and realism.

The Piano” begins with an introduction describing the origin of the piano, followed by recommendations surrounding the choice of an instrument and the student’s work space.

The teachers are Edie Lehmann and myself. We use simple, easy to understand methods. Edie shows students how to identify the notes on a keyboard and provides them with an all encompassing view, and feel, for the entire keyboard.

The second part, Music Theory, includes:

“Sound and Rhythm”
“Writing the notes on the Staff”
“Note Values”
“Counting, Reading and Playing”
“Hand Position”

The third part covers the “Scales”, the “Color of the Keys” and the “Passage of the Thumb”.

I conclude with a chapter on “Music from the Heart” and a demonstration of interpretation at the piano.

~ M.C.

[This VHS is accompanied by a 72-page book]