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GLOBE vol. 16, April 1987
by Olivier Lorsac

At last a French musician enters the U.S. by the front door.

The last film scores written by Michel Colombier (46) are White Nights, Purple Rain, Ruthless People, and Golden Child, which was just released in France.

And then, he writes the music for a ballet by Twyla Tharp, another for his friend Brayshnikov, a string quartet for Kronos and, of course, a few songs.  For Barbra Streisand,  Earth, Wind & Fire and Roberta Flack.

In France we may remember the signature title from Antenne 2 which inspired Folon's images, and was composed fifteen years ago, before Colombier expatriated himself to the U.S. where his compositions are studied at Julliard, Berkeley and UCLA.

Why did "the dove" take-off to America?
"For the variety of movements and inspirations and also for the quality of the performers".

And when he doesn't conduct the Los Angeles Philharmonic we can find him at his piano in the company of Herbie Hancock, Ernie Watts or the Marsalis brothers.

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photo by Makoto Shiramatsu