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In the center of a woodland
A green man, shaped like a pyramid,
And covered with green feathers,
A lot of similar creatures can be seen through
     the bushes
     - Constantly moving -
They pay no attention to him, they change colour and
Position, all the time.
From green to red, to yellow, to blue. Each time their pyramidal body is reversed
At some point, the green man stops,
The colour of his feathers darkens and
     He fades away -
Only to reappear some other place.
He gesticulates some more,
     And walks away.
     The forest walks away with him.


None of this is relevant
Let me say in observation
We are not here alone
On this earth

The vast complexity
Of the origin of species
Tells me we will find out
In due course

Just assume the positive
From the voice within yourself
We are not here alone -
Mark my words

Spiral orbits of the sun
Indicate we have companions
Planetary regards
Some have heard

So I ask you to decide
Between alien invasion
And not seeing the light
Which is worse

And with this thought in mind
I repeat in exultation
We are not here alone
On this earth

May I compliment you on your style
You've been gone awhile
They come and they go here
Don't forget
You should write your number down
Because I too might be
Blowin' this town
Blowin' this town
Blowin' this town
Tell me where you can be found
Keep in relative touch with me 
I have no doubt that we are not here
Mark my words
No we are not 
On the earth

:: lyric by Kathleen Wakefield
:: performed by Alex Ligertwood
:: drawing by Jean Michel Folon

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