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I reach a place,
somewhere between the cliffs and the
     clouds, where the angels are. Among them, there
     is the angel of love. His skin is dark, his eyes are
     closed and his large black wings - and arms -
     are widely spread.
He rocks like a pendulum, and when the angels join
     In chant and motion,
     Enchanted motion,
     And chanted emotion, the clouds part
To surround them with mist, gray and white mist.
     My eyes are shut. 


Who named me Angel of Love
Am I meant to be the voice 
     of experience
Should I stand before you 
     and recall
Some primeval set of laws
Am I keeper of your hearts 

(Choir) Love is feeling
          Love is ecstasy
          Love is strength when you must
          Love is freedom
          Love is harmony

(Angel) Don't ask what is love to me
           I just don't know 
           I could draw like lightning from my
           The wind the night and 
           all things mystical 
           But there would be one 
           fool who wants to 
           The only thing in life he 
           really calls a miracle
           Who named me Angel 
           of Love
           Do I have to treat with
           This thing that no pain 
           on earth transcends 
           Yet you pray it does not 
           Must I live and die 

(Choir) Love is oneness 
(Angel) Love is a mystery to me 
(Choir) Love's a dreamlike state of mind 
(Angel) Love lives eternally 
(Choir) Love is beauty 
           Love is innocence... 
           in a sense 
(Angel) But if you should ask me 
           I still don't know
           I don't know

:: lyric by Kathleen Wakefield
:: performed by Phil Perry
:: drawing by Jean Michel Folon

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