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Menacing black clouds come
Running from the horizon
Driven by a leaping minotaur.
Is this the time of the apolcalypse?



(Choir) What's it gonna be this time
What catastrophe this time 
Could it be divine 
Make your peace now 
On your knees now 
Clear the streets now 
History now 
Shall repeat now 

(Minotaur) Why do they all run like 
they've seen 
You would think I've 
come with evil on my mind 
I am only the fall guy in 
this calamity 
Only nature's way of 
weeding out the weak 
Let me put it in a nicer way 
It's time to liquidate 
Rid yourself of earthly 
And meet your fate 
Come with me through
the smoke and the haze 
And the path of years
Now who ever told you 
I eat volunteers 

(Choir) You are gonna like 
Who you're gonna meet 
When you get where 
you go 

(Minotaur) He's the kind of guy 
Who will never say
I told you so

:: lyric by Kathleen Wakefield
:: performed by Alex Ligertwood
:: drawing by Jean Michel Folon

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