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     (and other frogs)

On the wings of a dragonfly-
     Or is it just the shivering surface of the water? -
A fairy appears, tiny,
     Pretty as a day. She seems confused -
A large assembly of frogs forms around her,
Seemingly unhappy, as she offers her chant.
A wooden bird calls,
     Three times.
At the third time, a giant crystal reed descends
     from the clouds
     -Above her-and
On its way down, swallows a part of her in the water.
A second one follows,
Then a third, a fourth, a fifth and a sixth.
At the seventh,
While the last tiny little bit of her
     is being erased,
My eyes,
Are sucked in,
With her



I am Luna
My mother is the moon
There are rings around Venus
And the morning has begun

Elevate dimension
On hydrofolium
I have so many things to do
But can't decide on one

I shall not take part in
The sermon on the leaves
They go on and on
These lords of pond
About metamorphosis

Will you pardon me
If I retreat
Into my crystal reeds
On these days of indefinite length
I much prefer my fairy things

:: lyric by Kathleen Wakefield
:: performed by Pauline Wilson
:: drawing by Milton Glaser

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