Maestro Michel Colombier is - plain and simple - an absolute, undeniable creative musical genius! Yes, the 'G' word is extremely overused in our day and age, but in this case I cannot find any other word to describe him and/or his work.

As a multidirectional woodwinds soloist myself, I have never ever worked with anybody -- anywhere, not in the U.S., Europe, or Asia--that has such a deep, profound multi-dimensional virtuoso perspective of musical knowledge. His erudition encompasses a stunningly vast -- usually contrasting array of musical disciplines, each one of which demands a life-time of single minded dedication to master.

From Classical to Jazz, to World Music, to modern Techno-like electronica-based 'Remixes'- among many other - his creativity exercises a level of refreshing uniqueness, with an organic transparency that goes effectively from one style to the other - some times even juxtaposed in a way that is exclusively reserved for very, very few, again, anytime, anywhere!

For me it has been an honor, a pleasure and always an absolute challenge to have met and worked with maestro Colombier. His musical vision, sensitivity and extremely perceptive perspective of what the great Ludwig Van Beethoven called "the use of both the beautiful and the surprising" has pushed me to become a better, stronger, deeper musician, in every aspect.

Pedro Eustache
Flute-World Music Woodwinds-Reeds Soloist

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