At my pleasure Michel has invited me to perform on many interesting and unique projects of his over a number of years. Some of the most enjoyable projects for me have been New Jack City, Ruthless People, Posse and White Nights.

Upon getting a call to work for Michel we will have a lengthy discussion about the session. He may ask for a variety of percussion instruments some of which I may need to do research on or try to be able to locate them for the session. These conversations usually revolve around what type of  percussion instruments Michel will want to utilize on the project. The necessity for these conversations is because Michel can comfortably compose in any genre, be it hip-hop, contemporary music, rural settings, classical music, a particular ethnic setting, rock, chamber music, and or ballet music, all of which may require a large selection of different and or unusual percussion instruments.

Michel is one of only a few composers at home in any of these settings. He is as comfortable behind the computer sequencer as he is holding the baton and or creating a full score on paper utilizing his own imagination for full orchestration of the ensemble. I particularly enjoy working with Michel as a conductor. His conducting talents bring emotion to both the orchestra and the score.

Michel's writing is original in nature and can at the same time be difficult for the performer. Some of my colleagues myself included have taken home parts from his sessions to be studied as etudes and used as learning tools for students.

On a side note, listeners may want to check out two of Michel's albums that are great; one being "Wings" and the other being "Old Fool Back On Earth". I will look forward to these two albums being released on CD.

Hats off to Michel

Michael Fisher
studio percussionist

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