Working with Michel was one of the most rewarding, satisfying and enjoyable experiences of my professional life. By the time a director takes his edited film to the composer he's spent so long working on it, watching it, studying it, changing it, that the film can seem, to him, tired and lifeless. So he goes to the composer with the little energy he has left and says, "Please put some life back into my film." And the composer, who is never given enough time, has to draw out of this weary and often unmusical person, what he wants the score to do.

Michel, with unfailing patience and good humour, listened, understood, even when my communication was clumsy, and created music with passion and beauty which brought life to my film and made it much better than I could ever have imagined. Michel has enormous experience and talent and knowledge, but above all, he has a desire to write the best music he possibly can in the service of the film.

David Richards
Director, Messiah 2

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