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."What impresses me most about Michel is his love for music, his enthusiasm and his involvement. Regardless of his eloquent career, he starts any job as if it was his first, as if his life would depend on it. His joyful determination will push the film further than the director or the producer would expect it.  This is the mark of the great composers, they do not hesitate to deploy considerable energy to push the limits.  Not unlike Bernard Hermann with Alfred Hitchcock, Michel knows how to defend a creative point if it will enhance to the final product.

I have had the opportunity to work with Michel on several occasions and it is for Largo Winch that I have most appreciated his qualities.  Michel's challenge was to push further the musical style of the series with well crafted details like  "the Bulgarian voices" and  many middle European  and Asian instruments, giving the score an important part inside the dramatic action.  And, although we keep wishing that, in the final dub, the music would be louder, his score has considerably contributed to create characters that are both endearing and moving, which is what made the series successful.

Michel has a humble vision of his work and he is only interested by the present, he is not concerned by the past and it is only during casual conversations than one realize the wealth of his creativity.  But rapidly his focus brings us back to the new stuffs, the new challenges.  It is not an accident if novelty comes to him with Madonna and Mirwais for Don't tell me. The electronic French nouvelle vague, the famous "French touch"  looks up to him with reverence, a reverence only shared with Serge Gainsbourg, his ex-partner from the mid-60's. Michel moved successfully to the US in the 80's, today the "French touch" is on the US charts.

Thank you Michel to have opened all those doors.

Frédéric Rebet
Record producer
Paris, France

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