It is so important that we all, at some point in our lives, stop, reflect and contemplate the realization that our earthly lives are journeys by which we are continually blessed with life lessons. Nothing is insignificant nor unimportant, but rather pertinent to what our needs are at that particular moment. As I walk this path, it is so clear to me that truly, all of our needs are constantly being provided for and that the question should not be "Why don't I have ..." but rather "I have so much, let's see if I can find it."

Michel is a man who is not only aware of this and well on his path, but with great love, knowingly and unknowingly, shares all the treasures he accumulates along his journey freely to the universe. I personally have experienced this love on all levels - through his wonderful music, his love for life and his wonderful family, as well as the appreciation of all the beautiful things life has to give. 

He takes me and countless others on his journey, allowing all of us to enjoy it, on whatever level we are comfortable with, because of his open heart and his own desire to control that all destroying "ego". And what a journey it is!

Specifically with his music as an example (and what an extraordinary example!), it is to me a manifestation of his life's journey; complex in its simplicity, strong and deep with silence, gentle, embodying great love and respect of its source.

I am of the understanding that we do not truly possess the music that comes out of us, but are more like channelers. When our connection is strong and pure, so much more comes through. This is very clear when listening to Michel's compositions.

I am grateful and blessed in so many ways for knowing him as my dear friend, teacher, a father figure and fellow seeker of the "Compassionate Light."

Derek Nakamoto
Producer/Arranger & Composer
[The O'Jays, Nicky Holland, Fernando Saunders, Keiko Matsui, Teddy Pendergras & Akira Jimbo]

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