Whether if it is a hip-hop film cue, a symphonic ballet, an electronic score or a pop ballad, there are always three essential elements that are inseparable from Michel's music:

1. Surprise.
Michel always seems to take that less traveled musical path - playing a sound way out of it's range, the unexpected harmonic change or a unique juxtaposition of instruments, rhythms or styles. This keeps his music constantly fresh and innovative....you never know what to expect next!

2. Dialog.
The rich jazz and symphonic heritage that Michel draws from has the concept of musical dialog at its heart. What's interesting is how Michel applies this to all the wide ranging genres that he works in. For instance, in Hip Hop, the beat is King. But when Michel gets a hold of it, the beat is simply another member of the larger musical conversation. Somehow he's able to keep the authentic spirit of the style, while elevating it to be more richly thematic and thereby making it his own.

3. Soul.
If you removed the passion from Michel's there wouldn't be much left to listen to ... 'nuff said.

Eric Persing
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